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MSD: The Science of Steel Construction

< Structural Steel Detailing

3D Modeling Software, Softsteel, Inc.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

McMahon Steel Detailing (MSD) offer a full range of detailing services in Structural and Miscellaneous Steel. By using the most advance 3D technology, we are able to provide our Clients:

  • Detailed Erection Plans
  • 3D Model (ie, SAT, DWG, DWF, IFC, 3D PDF, etc.)
  • Clear Shop Drawings
  • Detail Drawings for all Parts
  • 3D Sketches for R.F.I 's
  • Full Scale Templates for Layouts
  • CNC Files for Beam Lines, Plate Burners, etc. (ie, DSTV, DXF)
  • E-Files for FabTrol or FabSuite (ie, KSS, XML)
  • Advance Bill of Material (ie, KSS, XML, DOC)
  • Design-Build Projects  

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